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FPV Unlocked is still the world's top online FPV course, however, at this time, we will not be adding more or updating current content. You can still learn tons of information from this course (in fact many current students are still learning everything they need), however new information will not be added.

Learn Everything FPV 

Become a pro FPV pilot with the world's ultimate FPV online course in 30 days or less.

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How do I learn FPV?

Have you already put in hours and hours of research watching YouTube videos? You've been trying to find answers or maybe done a few drone builds and made mistakes?

You have put in weeks, maybe months trying to get it right and not finding the support or correct information. 

  • Why do I need this particular battery?
  • What does this part do?
  • How do I choose the right components?
  • How do I know it's going to work?
  • How do I fly like those cool FPV pros?

It is frustrating investing so much time and money and being held back because you cannot find the right information in a clear way.

fpv drone in mountains
fpv drone assembled with gopro

How do I get good at FPV?

You don't have to spend hundreds of hours learning through trial and error and figuring everything out on your own. When I did that, I lost my first FPV drone. It's still out in the mountains to this day. I thought I knew enough to go out there and fly and I didn't, I lost my  $600 drone investment and almost gave up on FPV. 

I created this course so you don't have to go through that pain and so you can find all you need to know and get all the support you need all in one place.

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Solve Your FPV Problems For Good 


learn fpv drones with fpv unlocked

Just imagine that in one day you could learn everything about FPV that would normally take months.

Well now you can...

1. Learn

You not only understand how things work but why they work.

2. Build

You will make the right choices for your first build or ready-to-fly purchase.

3. Fly 

You will learn to fly like a pro in no time and finally enjoy FPV the way it is meant to be.

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What Professionals Have To Say About FPV Unlocked

Joshua Bardwell 

FPV Know it All, LLC

I’m known as the source for information related to FPV. But one thing I've never been able to do is organize the information into a structured course. People getting into FPV are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available. When searching YouTube, they find out-of-date information that doesn't apply to the equipment they're using. FPV Unlocked puts all the information you need to get into FPV in one place, in exactly the order you need it.

Tyler Brennan

Owner of RaceDayQuads

I have been closely following FPV Unlocked’s progress as they make a straightforward course that aims to teach FPV from start to finish. Overall, I’ve been quite impressed with the course and I believe this will greatly help the community grow. If you’re struggling with FPV or wanting to expand your skills, then this course is definitely worth checking out.

Cornell Herg 

Marketing Director, EMAX USA

FPV Unlocked has established itself as the forefront of complete drone education from beginning to end. In the years before FPV Unlocked, hobbyists and myself included, struggled to separate fact from misinformation leading to very costly and expensive mistakes. I know I personally invested thousands into mistakes and technical problems, wishing I had a course like this when I started.

This Course Is For...

Anybody who wants to learn more about FPV. Whether you want to get started, are an expert or anywhere in between.

If you are struggling to get a grasp on it, want to learn a better way or be part of an awesome community to help you improve, then this course is for you.

FPV Unlocked offers the simplicity of all you need to know in one place . You will be building drones on your own, become a pilot and use this skill professionally in no time.

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fpv drone teaching in grass

With over 130 videos and 15 hours of content, FPV Unlocked will be the only course you will ever need. 

You Will Learn

intro to fpv
introduction to fpv drones

This section is dedicated to explaining in-depth everything you need to know about the parts and components of your drone. We go over every aspect of the FPV gear to give you a well-rounded understanding of all the parts and electronics needed. This section gives you the knowledge you need to start making the right choices on what you want out of FPV and save you money and time in not buying the wrong parts for the wrong build.

what to buy for fpv
what fpv parts to buy

This section covers all the various things you will need to buy to start in your FPV journey and also what parts you will want to buy to follow along with us in the course. This section's goal is to save you money because you will be buying what you need and using it going forward. Gone are the days of researching what parts to buy; we give you a list of parts and tools to buy and you can literally just add them to your cart with a click of the button!

how to assemble fpv drones
how to assemble fpv drones

This section brings you step-by-step through the entire assembly process. You can follow along as we start with your drone in pieces and walk you through every wire to solder, parts to assemble, connections to insert and screws to twist. We also give you tips and tricks to achieve a clean, professional build.

how to configure your fpv drone
configuring your fpv drone with betaflight

This section brings you into configuring your drone through software on your computer, in this case, Betaflight. We show you how to navigate the platform, what the settings mean and how to set up your drone to avoid common mistakes made by new FPV pilots. We also dive into configuring your controller and drone to give you a customized experience that fits your flying style and preferences.

how to fly your fpv drone
how to start flying your fpv drone

In this section, we jump into the flying. Here we start from the beginning in a simulator walking you through the techniques and practices you should begin work on to start boosting your confidence and skills. Then we bring you out on your first flight, what you should be looking for, what you should do and what you can expect. We do these videos out in the field so I can give real-time instruction while flying to really give you a grasp on how you can make your first flights a success.

Bonus Modules If You Join Today

how to fly freestyle with fpv drone
how to fly freestyle with fpv drone

In this bonus section, we jump into freestyle. Here we teach you tips and tricks to perform the best you can when doing tricks in the air with your drone. We also plainly walk you through performing several tricks in the simulator so you can practice along and get comfortable with them before going out and doing them with your real drone. This will save you the heartache of crashing your real drone over and over while practicing sweet new moves!

how to tune fpv drone

In this bonus section we go into tuning. Here we teach you the basics of PID and rate tuning. This topic, in the FPV world, is often misunderstood but here we break it down and explain and guide you through it so you can not only learn how and why it works, but how you can transform the same drone from a racing drone, into a freestyle drone, then into a cinematic drone. All based off of tuning. Believe me, this is a section you do not want to miss!

how to start fpv racing

In this extra section we give you an overview of FPV racing and what you can do to get started in it, what the different components of a race are, tips for racing and more as we give you an open door to exploring the world of FPV racing. Definitely a fantastic way to start your journey!

But That Is Not All, You Also Get...

one on one fpv drone support

As a very special bonus for this entire course, on every video, you will have the opportunity to chat with our support team while on the same screen! This means you can have live chat with mentors as you are going through the course. This is a feature unique to our course and gives our students unmatched support as they go through our lessons.

fpv drone future learning

So, here is the ringer! Not only do you get access to everything we already have created, but you also get lifetime access for all FUTURE content we make for FPV Unlocked! That's like getting unlimited pizza for the price of one pizza! It literally doesn't get better than this!

Over $1000 Worth Of Content

This course is the most comprehensive FPV course you can ever get. With all the bonuses and the lifetime updates, plus the community aspect, it is the only source you will ever need to learn FPV.

You Want More? We Have More!

Private Facebook Group

Join all our other students in seeking help and advice on different topics surrounding FPV. This group is centered on helping people.


We offer a 10% discount to EMAX-USA so you can get all the parts you need to build your first drone! We are working on more discounts with other providers as well!

Fly With Us

We also do live meetups where you can join us to fly, do some freestyle, race or just enjoy the show and watch. We also film these events so that if you couldn’t make it you can still feel like you did.

Meet Up

A map for all our students to share their general location so you can schedule meetups and get togethers to fly with other FPV Unlocked pilots!


Contests and reviews where you can send in your FPV footage and we will help you tune in your flying skills and abilities and also give advice on how you can get better footage.

What To Buy

We also give you a list of everything you need to buy to get started in FPV and follow along in the course.

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And For A Limited Time:

how to fly dji fpv drone

With the new DJI FPV drone, we put together a mini course to go over your first moves getting started with the DJI FPV drone and what you need to do to have the best possible experience with this new drone.
We will take you through what settings you need and how to have successful flights.

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how to learn fpv drones

Value $1000


One time Payment

  • 130 videos

  • 15 hours of content

  • 8 modules

  • DJI FPV drone mini course 

  • 1 on 1 tech support

  • Private community

  • All future content

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I am so confident you will love the course that I give you 30 days to try my course. My 30-Day Guarantee gives you a full month to try out the course, risk-free. I guarantee that you will get your first FPV drone flying. If you’re not amazed by your results despite doing the work, I’ll give you a full refund.

What Our Students Say

Steve O'Dea

FPV Unlocked is a must-have for FPV. I'm brand new to FPV, and the course got me from square one to flying. It provides a wealth of valuable information, but explained perfectly so that anyone new to FPV can understand. Best money I ever spent!

Joshua Goodwin

FPV Unlocked is jam packed with content that is easy to find! For someone just starting going through this course gets me even more excited to get out and fly! The videos are well done and well explained! Two thumbs up!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Tracen Fitzpatrick

This course is so packed full of content, it will take many times through to grasp everything being taught. I was surprised at how deep the content goes into the why's and how's, and there is no fluff to waste your time! I am still new to FPV, and am learning a TON!

Learn From The Best FPV Pilots

Jacob Howard

Jacob Howerd is a filmmaker, videographer, and founder of FPV Unlocked.  He is passionate about creating a supportive and cohesive community. When he first started in FPV and was looking for help he often found himself discouraged. This course has everything he wishes he knew from the very start and, most importantly, personal support at any stage of the journey. 

McGregor Card

McGregor Card got into RC flying back in 2008 with first RC helis, planes, and FPV wings. His first quad was one with PIDs that had to be tuned with a screwdriver. As a professional he has worked a lot with electronics, RF systems, mechanical design and drone assembly. He likes seeing new pilots succeed in the hobby and enjoys helping pilots solve problems.

Clark Checketts

Clark Checketts graduated in 2020 with his mechanical engineering degree and a year of experience working for a multi rotor company. He has been flying FPV since 2019 and building drones since 2018. While he has taken some interest in the cinematic production value of FPV, his main passion lies in building drones and helping people get into the hobby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Our Students Say

Zac Higley

I have been wanting to get into FPV drones for a few years now. I purchased the EMAX EZ this year and have really enjoyed flying it around the house. I quickly figured out that this is something that I really wanted to get into. I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos about how to fly, build and where to start. Once I saw FPVUnlocked I knew that this would be a great resource to have for all aspects of the hobby. All of the videos and instructions have been really precise. I have also enjoyed watching the YouTube videos to get a quick understanding and then coming to to get a more in-depth understanding of a specific topic. I purchase the Taranis QX7 and a few simulations and have been spending many hours on there. I am getting excited to purchase all the necessary parts and tools to begin building and then flying my own drone!

Jeff McMurry

As a beginner this course has helped me out a few times now with silly things a beginner will easily forget.. That being said, I was already flying when I purchased this course on preorder. I have countless hours searching YouTube and Forums for videos and information that is all now easily laid out within this course. The members only group on FaceBook is helpful for troubleshooting as well as the other ways of contact like being able to contact privately for those that wish. I'm always trying to learn about stuff in this hobby. I find myself coming back on a daily basis looking for new content or just rewatching them trying to get a better understanding on certain things. The discount codes offered are also a nice bonus for being a member. Keep up the great work guys!! I'm eagerly awaiting more great videos!!


What happens if you join FPV Unlocked?

  • Save yourself from months of headache, broken parts, and disappointment

  • Save yourself loss of time and money
  • Don't be victim on incorrect or incomplete information 
  • Become an FPV expert


What happens if you don't join FPV Unlocked?

  • Spend the next several months struggling through learning FPV on your own

  • Spend hours searching for sources online
  • Give up on getting into FPV
  • Miss out on what everyone is experiencing with FPV

FPV Unlocked Is The Right Choice

Don't waste any more time on forums, YouTube, trial and error or be discouraged from pursuing your passion. I learnt the hard way and created  FPV Unlocked so you can learn the easy way. Everything you will ever need all bundled up in one place just for you. Start experiencing the freedom of flight today.

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